Maggie Pierce

I'm a junior currently attending the Cleveland Institute of Art, majoring in Biomedical Illustration.

Prison Cell

Prison cell modeled, lit, and textured in 3ds Studio Max

Green Stuffie

He's watching you.

Modeled, lit, and textured in 3ds Studio Max.

Sad Stuffie

Stop raining on his parade.

Modeled, lit, and textured in 3ds StudioMax.

Mellow Stuffie

He's only sort of lonely.

Modeled, lit, and textured in StudioMax, third in series.

Tooth Decay

Patient Education piece showing the progression of Tooth Decay.

Photoshop, 2009.

Forensic Reconstruction Part One

The first three steps of a forensic reconstruction.


Forensic Reconstruction

The finished reconstructed face.


The Two Turkeys

Two turkeys created for a mock museum exhibit poster.

Graphite, 2008

Facial Anatomy

Study of superficial muscle structure of the face.

Photoshop, 2009

Locust Borer Beetle

Plate illustrating the locust borer beetle.

Carbon Dust, 2008